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About Us

Batavia Turf is 100% Kentucky Bluegrass grown from Gold Tag Certified seed of known origin for 18 - 24 months ensuring its health, strength, and beautiful dark green uniform color. Our turf will contain 3 - 5 of the following cultivars: Award, Bedazzled, Deepblue, Midnight, Midnight Star, P105, Serene, Washington. These cultivars are drought tolerant and able to be maintained at low growing heights.

The NYS Department of Agriculture & Markets inspects all turf fields ensuring that sod is well rooted, healthy and free of diseases, nematodes, Poa, broadleaf weeds and soil born insects. Inspection of fields also ensures that turf is free of any foreign objects such as stones, roots and excessive thatch. Batavia Turf proudly guarantees the quality of their sod.


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