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Lenape - natural gas and oil exploration, development and production for the next millennium.

Lenape Resources, Inc. is the operating arm of Lenape Energy, Inc. Along with its sister companies Lenape Drilling, Inc. and Lenape Gathering Corp, Lenape Resources is involved in the exploration, development, gathering and marketing of oil and natural gas resources in the Appalachian basin with a primary focus in the states of New York and Pennsylvania.

The evolution of the Lenape companies began prior to 1976 with the formation of Fuel Savers, Inc. and the subsequent formation of The Lenape Resources Corporation in 1976. The company’s objective was to explore for and develop natural gas resources for eastern United States utilities. The natural gas shortage of the 70’s and the need for more energy supplies created the demand for additional exploration. Corporate restructuring and dramatic changes in the natural gas and oil industries have allowed Lenape to evolve into an efficient independent exploration and production company operating in the Appalachian basin from our offices in Alexander, New York.

Having survived the industry downturn of the late 80’s and 90’s, Lenape’s management looks forward to new opportunities from the deregulation of natural gas and technological advances in exploration and production techniques. Our team of operations and administrative personnel are uniquely qualified to build the necessary relationships and systems needed to carry the company through the 21st century.